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WGN Day Time Show Dining out for Life

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The Hottest New Restaurants In Chicago, May 2024

The Hottest New Restaurants In Chicago on Modern Luxury

What To Do In Chicago

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Jessica Suarez spoke with chef Eric Roldan of Marina's Bistro and Rum Bar about the special menu he offers during Restaurant Week and...

Chicago Restaurant Week: 25 New Restaurants to Try

chicago restaurant week: 25 new restaurants to try on wttw

January gets a lot of hate, but there's still a lot to recommend it. The bustle of the holidays is past, things have slipped back into a normal routine, and enterprising businesses have cooked up some things to get you out of the house, like Chicago Restaurant Week.

— Daniel Hautzinger

Charmed by Marina's

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Marina's Bistro and Rum Bar is a cozy little spot that recently opened in the heart of Uptown. Bringing the vibrant flavors of Puerto Rico, owner and chef Eric Roldan, has created a menu that highlights the best of his native cuisine, incorporating sustainable and locally sourced ingredients to provide a unique dining experience.

— Emily Larsen

Stories of Uptown

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Uptown, ever welcoming, and ever evolving, is a vibrant, living tapestry - as rich in history as it is in culture. The neighborhood has long been home to social activists and advocates, immigrants and refugees, artist and entrepreneurs of every stripe, all of whom have helped shape the area as it is today.

The 10 Hottest Restaurants in Chicago: November 2023

the 10 hottest restaurants in chicago: november 2023 on chicago mag

WHAT:A vibrant Puerto Rican eatery specializing in mofongos and rum drinks

Where to Drink Cocktails Right Now in Chicago

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It's not quite patio pounder season, but the ice has appeared to have thawed and Chicago can start dreaming of random 60-degree days in the middle of the week. What better way to celebrate this seasonal rite of passage than with a tasty beverage?

— Ashok Selvam and Naomi Waxman

Marina's Bistro and Rum Bar Brings Modern Puerto Rican Cuisine To Uptown

marina's bistro and rum bar brings modern puerto rican cuisine to uptown on block club chicago

After months of permit and funding delays, chef and owner Eric Roldan will hold a grand opening Saturday for his restaurant, which is named after his late mother.

— Isaiah Reynolds

Where to Dine on Thanksgiving in Chicago

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Thanksgiving is coming up on Thursday, November 23 and it's a good idea to plan ahead. Leave the hard work to someone else this year and treat the family to an excellent holiday meal prepared by the experts.

— Ashok Selvam and Naomi Waxman

Marina's Bistro And Rum Bar

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"Rum Bar" might get second billing in the name of this Puerto Rican spot, but the fresh fruit puree cocktails at Marina's outshine the food. That doesn't mean the homestyle dishes aren't useful for lunch or maybe a dinner that started out as low-key drinks.

— Veda Kilaru